The Tonic of Wildness

March 17, 2020
“We Need the Tonic of Wildness” - Henry David Thoreau


We’re sure you have received lots of communications, from companies and organizations, about COVID-19, but we wanted to let you know our thoughts and our plans going forward.

These are challenging times. It’s understandable to be concerned, about both the virus and its consequences. The CDC is recommending social distancing and all the models prove why that’s so effective. We fully support it, and in fact, LOWA's General Manager, Peter Sachs, was quoted in the Sunday New York Times (March 15th) to that effect.

We also encourage everyone to take a collective deep breath.


Social distancing means keeping away from medium to large gatherings. But, you don’t need to isolate yourself from everyone and everything. A New York Times article mentioned that the virus is inactivated by UV light, so as long as you keep your distance from other hikers or bikers, it’s safe to be outside. The CDC is recommending keeping a distance of at least six feet from people.

But, you can still take your dog on a walk through your neighborhood.
Choose a less popular trail and take a hike.
Dust off your bike for an endorphin-pumping ride.

* All of that said, whether you should go outside at all depends on your health, and whether that’s okay can quickly change. Anyone with COVID-19 should not go outside at all. Doing so puts others at risk. If you have symptoms and have had close contact with anyone with COVID-19, you also should not go outside.

We know well how healing nature can be, but the trails will still be there when you’re healthy.

Any time of year, taking a deep breath of fresh air can do your body a world of good.