Warranty Repair Form

Before filling out this form, please read our warranty requirements by clicking here. Questions? Call our customer service team:  1-888-335-5692.

Please complete the form below with as much information as possible. A LOWA warranty specialist will review your warranty claim and respond via email within 10 business days. To avoid spam situations with our communication, please add returns@lowa.net to your contacts.

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Please note This is the USA website and we cannot assist with returns, or warranty claims, outside the USA. Click here for LOWA International information.

Warranty Claim Information

Please upload a picture of your proof of purchase (sales receipt).  Picture must include the date of purchase and boot purchased. Pics from your phone work great.

Please upload a side view photo of your boot, showing the LOWA logo.

Please upload a close up photo of your boot, showing the damage area.

Please upload a photo of the sole view of your boot.

Please upload a close up photo of the size tag inside of your boot.

While we understand that this can be a frustrating process, please be courteous and send back clean boots. It is at LOWA Boots' discretion to refuse dirty boots and send them back to the consumer.

If you have any troubles completing this form, please call  1-877-307-7277 for assistance.

Your photos make take a few minutes to upload. Please be patient and wait for the confirmation message to appear on your screen.