ENGAGE your mind, EXERT your body in Mother Nature and EVOLVE into a confident, strong, complete being.  These three words are my mantra.

Running has always been my base for fitness.  Coupling that with my desire to push myself further and at higher altitudes led me to mountain racing.  As it turns out, the older you get, the better you are at endurance sports.  Who knew?

I devote my life to introducing women to the healing powers of the outdoors. 

Since 2013, I have completed (7) 100-mile mountain races, 5 being in the top ten women’s category, won the 8000 Meter Challenge 6 times in a row, (Summiting the three highest peaks in Southern California, over 10,000 feet each, in one day), and created and led a trail running program for REI Outessa, an all-women’s retreat.   

What’s next?
Fast packing big distances and summiting more peaks.  I hope you’ll follow my challenges.

My favorite LOWAs:
My Aerox GTX Los. I chose them for the Broken Arrow 52K Skyrun, and I could not have made a better choice for the terrain. The snow and mud proved to be deeper than expected which allowed water to enter the shoe from the top.  I measure the success of a shoe when I don’t think about them at all during an important event such as a race.  That’s exactly what happened at Broken Arrow and I’ll choose them again.  Thank you LOWA!