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Our trusty Trekker has long been considered the best fitting boot in the entire outdoor industry. The upper wraps around the ankle and foot providing a close-to-the-foot feel, especially over the arch and instep areas. Add eco-friendly premium Heinen nubuck uppers,a chromium-free glove leather lining and a VIBRAM® Nature outsole and you’ve got an enduring modern classic.

  • Upper Material: Nubuck Leather
  • Upper Protection: Rubber Rand 
  • Construction: Board Lasted - Cemented Sole
  • Lining: Leather (Chrome Free)
  • Lacing Hardware: Open and Closed Hooks
  • Additional Hardware 2: Roller Eyelets
  • Tongue Construction: C4 - Tongue®
  • Insole: Balance Comfort Footbed
  • Midsole: DuraPU™ with SPS System
  • Sole: VIBRAM® Natural 
  • Stabilizer: Hard
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Weight (lb) 3.65
  • Resolable: Yes



Caring for Leather Lined Boots:

Leather linings should thoroughly dry out between wearings. Because leather linings absorb perspiration, just like our skin, they can become soft, if wet. Similar to wet skin that develops blisters, wet leather linings can tear. If you anticipate wearing your leather lined boots for many days consecutively, please lightly wipe the heel pocket with LOWA Waterstop (or similar product). This will slightly inhibit the absorption of moisture and help prevent possible leather tearing.


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“Lace up the LOWA Trekker, and the benefits become instantly apparent. Lined with enticingly soft, glove leather that caresses and conforms to your foot, for a customized fit. And, man can they breathe..”

– Outdoor Informer

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Probably the best footwear I've ever worn. I'm on my third pair. Doing trail work in North Alabama on a day 105 F degree day and 95% humidity, I sweated away 5 lbs. of weight. Wearing the Trekkers, my feet were the only part of my body that stayed dry.
For the past 20 years or so I’ve ben hiking over 1200 miles per year in incredibly abrasive, hot, gritty, dry Arizona desert mountain terrain and similar terrain around the Southwest US.The trails I hike chew up shoes. These are spectacular. I’ve tried top manufacturers products and without fail, their boots usually begin showing mechanical problems after a few months and in my conditions, even the best reach “end of life” in about 7 months (though not naming names, I’ve destroyed a few pair within 2mos). The pair of Lowa Trekkers I am currently using and they have exceeded all expectations. Currently 10 months in, and I have just treated them to a 1000-mile rejuvenation with a nice wash and application of Lowa Active Creme and a new set of Kevlar laces. The uppers look brand new. The soles are worn but will easily get me through their 1-year anniversary and (at least) the 1200-mile mark. Usually, boots I’ve had in the past are comically destroyed at this stage, having had several trips to the cobbler to have various things repaired, glued, or sewn. These Trekkers have had ZERO issues. No ripped seams. No delaminations or splits. No popped eyelets. No dangling toe caps. And I’ve never had a hot spot or blister in these, and after a high-ankle sprain w/fracture years ago I’m glad that the high cuff has prevented any annoying ankle-rolls. Even with this mileage on them I would trust them to get me through any hike I could throw at them and will use them to do a nonstop rim to rim crossing of the Grand Canyon this autumn. The trails I hike chew up shoes. These are spectacular. I will have them re-soled when the time comes and put them into semi-retirement after I buy a new identical pair. Thanks Lowa!
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