Camino LL
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Dark Gray/Black

The benchmark for trekking comfort in a glove leather-lined version for ultimate close-to-the- foot fit. The upper is designed with LOWA Flex® lacing which allows the laces to easily pull through the ball bearing lace loops that are set on free moving tabs, reducing overall pressure against the foot.

  • Upper Material: Nubuck Leather
  • Upper Protection: Rubber Toe & Heel Protection
  • Construction: Board Lasted - Cemented 
  • Lining: Leather (Chrome Free)
  • Lacing Hardware: Open and Closed Hooks 
  • Special Lacing: LOWA Flex® 
  • Additional Hardware: X-Lacing® 
  • Additional Hardware 2: Roller Eyelets
  • Tongue: Construction C4 - Tongue® 
  • Insole: Climate Control Footbed 
  • Midsole: DuraPU™ with SPS System 
  • Sole: VIBRAM® Apptrail 
  • Stabilizer: Hard 
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Weight (lb) 3.52 
  • Resolable: Yes 


Caring for Leather Lined Boots:

Leather linings should thoroughly dry out between wearings. Because leather linings absorb perspiration, just like our skin, they can become soft, if wet. Similar to wet skin that develops blisters, wet leather linings can tear. If you anticipate wearing your leather lined boots for many days consecutively, please lightly wipe the heel pocket with LOWA Waterstop (or similar product). This will slightly inhibit the absorption of moisture and help prevent possible leather tearing.


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“The LOWA Camino LL: Best in Class. Capable support and protection for heavy loads, in rough territory...”


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What attracted me to Lowa is that they are one of the few boot makers offering all-leather construction without Gore-Tex. My feet run hot and sweaty, and Gore-Tex boots keep my feet clammy. These boots breathe considerably better than the Asolo TPS 520’s they replace (the Asolo’s are similarly constructed but with fabric and Gore-Tex lining). They shed water like a duck, and have been totally waterproof in shallow stream and puddle crossings, as well as prolonged walking on snowy or slushy conditions. They are extremely comfortable, required almost no break-in time, and they seem a little lighter than the Asolo’s. Traction is excellent. If I manage to wear these out, I hope to buy an identical replacement pair. Lowa, please keep offering leather boots without Gore-Tex!
Rated this 1 star based on comfort while hiking. boot performance was great from fit and function, but comfort while hiking was very poor and caused a minor heel bruise to develop on day 5/8 of my trip. Cons: Disappointing in the underfoot comfort given the cost of the boot. The Insole appears to be a cheap commodity TPU Foam that crushed out extremely fast and lost all cushioning within a few weeks of breaking the boots in. On a 5 day Elk Hunt out west in the Mountains, I started to develop what seemed to be a heel bruise because of the lack of cushioning in the insole when I was hiking. Rated this 1/5 stars because the lack of comfort and the heel bruise that I felt was developing limited me in where I was able to go an. from what I can see there isn't any cushioning other than the sockliner (insole/footbed) as it's resting directly on the board of the boot. Would love to see Lowa update this with a more technical footbed as well as some cushioning pods in the high stress areas of the boot (heel, forefoot, and big toe areas). When I returned from the Hunt I threw away the factory insole and replaced with a 4mm open cell foam insert and the comfort improved significantly. When I'm spending 325 on a set of boots, I don't like the idea of having to add something to make it more comfortable. Pros The Uppers in the boot are phenomenal and the lacing system is amazing. the boot broke in really quick and loved how snug you're able to get them with the lacing system. Waterproofing worked excellent, it was very wet for two days and my feet stayed bone dry the whole time. while navigating rocks, boulders, and very uneven trails, these boots provided a lot of ankle support as well as grip and I felt very confident in my footing with these boots. Application use: Western Hunting/backpacking: 8 day trip in the mountains where these boots were on my feet from 4am - 9pm. 6'4 200ish pounds (with an additional 30-50lb pack).
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