Zephyr Mid TF
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Quarter cut highly ventilated trail boot for warm weather hiking.

  • Upper Material: Split Grain Leather
  • Construction Slip Lasted - Injected PU Midsole
  • Lining: Wicking Polyester Synthetic
  • Lacing Hardware Fabric Loops & Open Hooks
  • Monowrap Frame®: MONOWRAP® Stability Frame
  • Midsole: Injected DuraPU™
  • Insole ATC Footbed
  • Sole: LOWA Cross II
  • Stabilizer: Soft
  • Country of Origin: Slovakia
  • Weight Per Pair (lb) 2.13
  • Resolable: No

“A capable hiker, with grippy soles and excellent support, this shoe is also comfy and stylish, so you’ll find yourself wearing it to work to the gym, and to the bar afterward.” - Outside Bozeman

Available at: Shoes.com

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I have being wearing these boots everyday for over 10 years. My biggest issue is - the soles wear out too fast, while the remainder of the boot shows little to no wear. I get roughly one year of wear from the soles. The reason I continue to purchase them is because - they are the most comfortable boot I've ever worn. The second issue is availability. They have become increasingly difficult to find. I also have a pair of the GTX mids, but I do not find them as comfortable. Seems the GorTex changes the comfort for me. Four stars for the short sole life. But they are truly a five star boot.
Ive worn a dozens of types of boots, some required, some chosen.. These boots have been my favorite since day one. Its hard to find a non-goretex boot, we tend to work in hot climates and goretex just doesnt breathe right. So these are light, airy, and stick to ropes and rooftops like no other. Day one, not joking, had to wear these on a 68 mile ruck march in TN. They were my backup boots. Didnt even plan to use them, thought they looked gucci..old boots shredded. These were on soon after. Worn these boots all over after that. Hot, dry, cold, wet, no matter. They dry fast, gum traction soles, quiet, stable. Down sides are laces are buster. 550 cord is best. And soles do wear down faster than some. But may be also due to worn more since comfortable. Have pics of the boots if needed, had them for 6 years now. Just got new cayote ones. Really liked these boots Lowa. High five. Please make some sick looking civvie ones.
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