Zephyr Mid TF
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Coyote Op

Quarter cut highly ventilated trail boot for warm weather hiking.

  • Upper Material: Split Grain Leather
  • Construction Slip Lasted - Injected PU Midsole
  • Lining: Wicking Polyester Synthetic
  • Lacing Hardware Fabric Loops & Open Hooks
  • Monowrap Frame®: MONOWRAP® Stability Frame
  • Midsole: Injected DuraPU™
  • Insole ATC Footbed
  • Sole: LOWA Cross II
  • Stabilizer: Soft
  • Country of Origin: Slovakia
  • Weight Per Pair (lb) 2.13
  • Resolable: No

“A capable hiker, with grippy soles and excellent support, this shoe is also comfy and stylish, so you’ll find yourself wearing it to work to the gym, and to the bar afterward.” - Outside Bozeman

Please Note: Actual footwear color may differ slightly from the photos you view on this website.

This will be the fourth pair of Zephyr boots I've owned. I live in the high deserts of New Mexico, in the foothills of the Sangre De Christos Mountains. I wear these all year long, mostly in dry gravely conditions but two months in snow and ice, hiking about 30 miles a week 50 weeks of each year. They do wear out it is true (3000 miles a pair? not bad), but I have never found a boot this light that is as supportive and breathable. But I may be biased: I think gortex boots are one of the worst biggest scams in the outdoor industry. Give me something that breaths and dries our FAST! Give me something light so I can move quickly but stout enough that I can wear them with ice spikes. No other boot I know of qualifies. Note, however, that in the last year or two Lowa has changed these boots. They are a bit beefier (don't know yet if this is better) with a larger toe cap (needed!), plastic "V" shaped wedges that wrap around the edge of the rand and up the side of the boot. They seem to add some rigidity, not much weight, and perhaps support... I'll know more in another month or two. The sole is different as well and I expect to find it longer wearing. The grip of the sole has not been compromised. The last (the wooden form on which the boot of a given size is designed) is slightly narrower (I use a pair or trimmed Sole insoles from REI and they fit much more tightly side-to-side in this pair than my old pair). Therefore, if you've owned the earlier Zephyr version you might want to take some extra care & time fitting the latest version to your feet. Also note that what used to be the top hook is now an eyelet so the boots are a bit harder to lace up but much less likely to get hung-up in grass or twigs... handy when you are hiking, probably essential for tactical users. Anyway, I've only got about a 150 miles on these boots. They are breaking in more slowly and I'm hoping they mellow into an even greater version of a great, great boot.
These are the best boots I've ever owned. They've been with me on many backpacking trips around the world during the last 6 years and are only now starting to wear out. Super light and breathable, yet incredibly durable. Cannot recommend enough.
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