Boot Repair/Resole

Keep Your LOWAs Going Strong

A key tenet of sustainability is to keep your existing gear on the trail and out of the landfill. With that in mind, we offer a Repair & Resoling Service to extend the life of your boots. In addition to our resoling your boots, we’ll provide new footbeds, new shoelaces, and will recondition the leather uppers. We’ll also repair stitching, hooks, eyelets and the heel lining if needed. All of this work is performed by master cobblers at our factory in Germany where the boots were originally produced.

Camino GTX, before & after our repair & resole service (click to zoom in)
Boots are sent to our factory in Germany for repair/resole.

“I just received my resoled LOWA boots....I am sure you have heard this before but they are better than new. It takes some time for feet and boots to make friends, so in this case my feet are reunited with old friends that are in much better shape than before. The work is first class. Thanks!” - B.E.

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Last week I received my favorite LOWA boots after they were re-soled by LOWA. Although they are many years old, the uppers are in great shape but the soles were worn and the midsoles had dry rotted. I opened the box and was very pleased with the repair. They look nearly new again! The new insole and laces are a nice touch. I understand that re-soled boots need to be broken in like a new boot. I put them on and started a three-mile walk; no rubbing or hotspots, just a bit of leather squeaking that soon went away. I have walked about 20 miles in them and I was surprised at the lack of break-in period that they needed. I am looking forward to using these boots for many more miles and years of hiking and just wanted to say “Thank You” for having this service. It is great having my favorite boots back again! I would rate your service in this re-soling as a 5 out of 5! I would recommend your services to other LOWA owners in the future.
- D.B.

I received my LOWA boots yesterday and all I can say is WOW! You guys did a great job on my repair and you greatly surpassed my expectations! I have had many pairs of LOWA boots and just think they are a step-above in design, quality and comfort. Thank you so much for helping me out with the repairs.
- J. K.

The boots are great! Kudos to LOWA for offering this excellent rebuild service. I am very happy that these boots could be kept in use.
- G. R.

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you how pleased I am with my recent boot resole service. Wow! I’m very impressed. In this summer of 2020 everything has stopped or slowed…I was worried to being with that I may not have them back in time…not only were they back on time, the quality is just amazing. That pair of boots and I have seen a lot of country. They never once have let me down in comfort of support. I look forward to looking over a lot more mountains with a pair of boots that are as good as it gets in foot comfort and support. Thanks for A GREAT SERVICE JOB.
- D.T.

The repaired shoes just arrived and I just wanted to share with you, how incredibly happy I am with your service. These 20 year-old shoes now look like new, and all this for an unbeatable price. I look forward to using them this summer ... and hopefully also for a long time to come. Thanks again,
- G. L.

Click the white circles to see boot repair areas.

Boot Repair/Resole

  • Sole replacement
  • Midsole replacement
  • Rand or toe/heel bumper replacement
  • Leather conditioned
  • New Laces
  • New Footbeds

And, if needed:

  • Stitching repair
  • Lace loops and lace hardware repair or replacement
  • Cuff or heel lining repair

Resole/Repair is performed by master cobblers at our factory in Germany where the boots were originally produced.

Please note : Not all LOWAs are resolable.  Boots from our Mountaineering, Mountain Hunting, and Backpacking may be resoled.  Boots and shoes from our Hiking, All Terrain Sport, Everyday, Kids', Cold Weather Boots and Task Force collection are not eligible for this program. (For Example, Renegades are not resoleable.) To determine if your boots are resoleable, please review this product list. Not all boots are represented, but this should give you an idea.

  • If you're still unsure, visit Warranty & Repair and follow those steps. 
  • If you don't know your boot name, look for an image that best represents your boot on our website.  Find the "Resoleable" icon at the bottom of product page.  If the icon isn't there, then it isn't resoleable.
  • Gore-Tex leaks cannot be repaired.
  • Sometimes boots have sustained enough damage that they cannot be repaired. If we determine that, we'll notify you, and refund you the resoling fee.
  • Typically at the end of each month, we ship boots back to our German factory where our master cobblers make the repair. This process may take up to or MORE THAN 12 weeks from start to finish. Please plan accordingly, for this time frame can vary.  
  • Upon our receipt of your resole to our Stamford, Connecticut warehouse, you will receive an email notification letting you know that your boots have been received and approved for the next step and will continue their journey onto Germany. (Again, typically at the end of the month we ship boots back to Germany). 
  • If they are not able to be resoled, you will receive notification from us.
BEFORE you return your boots:
  • CLEAN THEM. Boots covered in dirt will not be accepted for repair and will be returned to you
  • Remove your old insoles and laces. We will give you new ones.
How To Return Your Boots for Repair/Resole:
  1. Click add to cart to purchase this service. Once purchased you will receive a Repair Authorization Number.
  3. Choose a shipping method that allows you to track your packages and ship to:

    LOWA Boots, LLC
    ATTN: Repairs
    86 Viaduct Rd # 2
    Stamford, CT 06907