Boot Repair/Resole

Boots in LOWA’s Backpacking and Trekking, classic construction collections can be re-soled.

The boots are sent to our factory, in Germany, where they were originally produced. In addition to resoling the boot, LOWA will provide new footbeds, new shoelaces, and recondition the leather. LOWA will also inspect the boots and repair stitching, hooks, eyelets and the heel lining, if needed. We do not repair Gore-Tex leaks. 

Please note (not all our Boots & Shoes are resolable): Boots and shoes from our Hiking, All Terrain Sport, Everyday, Kids and Cold Weather Boot collections cannot be resoled. Many of our Task Force category models are also not resolable.

  • Find your shoe using product search on this website and look for "Resoleable" icon at the bottom of product page.
  • Before you submit your resole, click this link, and take a look at this product list to see which boots are resoleable.

Allow 12 weeks for repair/resole of your LOWA Boots.

Click the hot spots to review boot repair areas

Boot Repair/Resole

  • Sole replacement
  • Midsole replacement
  • Rand or toe/heel bumper replacement
  • Leather conditioned
  • New Laces
  • New Footbeds

And, if needed:

  • Stitching repair
  • Lace loops and lace hardware repair or replacement
  • Cuff or heel lining repair

BEFORE you return your boots, PLEASE CLEAN THEM. We won't clean your boots for you. Boots covered in dirt will be returned to you and your repair request will be rejected. 
* Remove your old insoles and laces, while you're at it. We will give you new ones.

How To Return Your Backpacking or Trekking Boots for Repair/Resole:

  1. Click add to cart to purchase this service. Once purchased you will receive a Repair Authorization Number.
  3. Choose a shipping method that allows you to track your packages. Mail boots to:

    LOWA Boots, LLC
    ATTN: Repairs
    86 Viaduct Rd # 2
    Stamford, CT 06907