American Alpine Club Partnership Spotlight


There are over 10 million Americans participating in alpine sports including mountaineering, rock and ice climbing. We believe as an outdoor footwear company, it’s critical for us to support organizations that help to advocate for the climbing community and the landscapes that are recreated on. This is why LOWA is a proud sponsor of the American Alpine Club (AAC). Founded in 1902, the AAC promotes and preserves the climbing way of life. 

As part of our year-long Giveback Program to celebrate LOWA’s 100th anniversary, from November 27 – December 3, 5% of net sales on all purchases on will go to AAC to help preserve climbing.     

About American Alpine Club 

Did you know renowned conservationist John Muir was the second president of AAC? 

AAC’s mission is to share and support our passion for climbing and respect for places we climb. They are a membership based organization. AAC has three core values: 

  1. Authoritative climbing information, knowledge and resources benefit and inspire us and future generations.  
  2. Advocacy and leadership advance our climbing interests and promote conservation.  
  3. Community and competency strengthen and embolden us to push our limits. 


To learn more about the AAC and to get involved, visit 

Discount AAC Membership at Bozeman Festival!

For those attending the upcoming Bozeman Ice Festival, December 6 - 10, LOWA is sponsoring a 20% discount on AAC memberships. We hope to see you there!