Time To Run. All Terrain Running by LOWA

Alexander Nicolai

LOWA has been producing world-class outdoor footwear that our customers use to revel in the perfection of nature since 1923. From the very start, our company has stood for the finest quality, perfect fit and the highest level of functionality and ingenuity. In the process, LOWA has evolved from a company that focused solely on producing mountaineering boots to a global outdoor specialist. 

Drawing on our many years of experience and the inventiveness of our product developers, we have been able to successfully market shoes that fulfill the widest range of requirement profiles for decades. We have been able to do so in part because we have kept our eye on the latest trends. One such trend is the growing role that is being played by light, fast outdoor shoes. For more than 10 years now, LOWA has been very successfully serving this market with its line of athletic multifunctional footwear called ALL TERRAIN SPORT. 

Last year, we took the next logical step in this segment: The launch of our collection ALL TERRAIN RUNNING by LOWA represented another milestone in our company’s history. We combined our many decades of experience in the development of high-quality outdoor footwear with a new usage area: trail running. ALL TERRAIN RUNNING by LOWA is designed especially for use on challenging terrain and delivers exceptional performance in the mountains. 

It’s time to run. We are really looking forward to this next step! 


Best regards, Alexander Nicolai I CEO