How To Participate In Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Global Big Day 2022 | May 14, 2022

May 02, 2022

LOWA is proud to support the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Global Big Day 2022 on Saturday, May 14 — the Lab’s annual quest to raise funds for conservation by finding as many bird species as possible in 24-hours! With rapid declines in birds across the hemisphere, it’s clear that we need bigger, more effective conservation actions than ever before. The Lab’s work is possible only if you and thousands of fellow supporters step up to help.

Since 2017, LOWA has been outfitting the Lab’s team of ornithologists (Team Sapsucker) with boots and shoes that are designed to keep feet dry and comfortable during their marathon bird counts. Over the past six years, this important international fundraising and scientific event has seen notable growth –– from 20,000 participants in 150 countries and 50,000 eBird checklists submitted, to 51,000 participants in 192 countries with 133,000 eBird checklists submitted. The more people participate, the more species observed, the more data scientists have to work with in their efforts to protect birds and habitat everywhere.

Visit the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's website to find out how to participate in Global Big Day!

Cover image courtesy of Cornell Lab of Ornithology.