Free Online Birding Course from Cornell’s School of Ornithology

Free Online Birding Course ~ Sponsored by Cornell's School of Ornithology


Here's something you can do from the comfort of your home and it could be lots of fun!

Extra time on your hands? Check out this FREE online birding course from our friends at Cornell’s School of Ornithology ~ Be A Better Birder: Size and Shape.



How Big Is That Bird?

Instead of frantically trying to remember every detail when you spot a bird, it helps to step back and zero in on what’s most important. Size and shape are key characteristics to notice and learning to interpret how they stack up will transform your birding skills. Get to know just from a silhouette whether it’s a dove, woodpecker, or finch. This course features 6 lessons containing 4 videos, 4 interactives, and 8 quizzes. You can choose to earn a printable certificate by passing the final exam.

Prepare for spring migration by brushing up on your bird ID skills. Bird watching through a window is a great activity during quarantine or social distancing.

* These are challenging times. It’s understandable to be concerned about COVID-19 and its consequences. The CDC is recommending social distancing and all the models prove why that’s so effective.  We fully support it. Stay healthy and get outside when you can. Nature really is the best tonic!