Tristan “TRIPPY” Sieleman
Professional mountain guide for Sierra/ Mountaineering International
Des Moines, Iowa
Big Pine, California

I am an adventure junkie. Ever since I can remember, I loved to be outside. Sitting in class in grade school I would stare out the windows waiting for recess. I used to draw maps of the places my parents would take us camping in the trees, lakes, and rivers of Iowa. Always wanting more, it wasn’t until my parents took me to Colorado that I finally found my place to be. The mountains! Ever since then I have been chasing sunsets up rock climbs, rappelling frozen waterfalls with cold hands by headlamp, and spending weeks in a tent in winter just for that next fix of a passion for being somewhere new and being truly astounded by those big snowy peaks.

That I am still amazed. I have had some truly great opportunities in my life. I have had the pleasure of teaching thousands of people, how to prepare and make their own adventures whether it be ski mountaineering , rock and ice climbing, or even as simple as setting up their first tent. I have been climbing, kayaking, skiing, mountain biking, sailing, and trekking all over the world. But my greatest thrill is now to see life for the first time through my little daughter’s eyes. To take her to the great places of the world and watch her amazement for the first time.

What’s an interesting place or trip that you’ve taken in your my LOWAs?
I wore my LOWA 8000 RDs when I was guiding my first trip on the West Buttress of Denali. When you fly onto the glaciers there, you step into another world of such great space and immensity. I was blown away. My 8000’s kept me toasty and comfy the whole expedition. We all made the summit, but more important, that wild place left a lasting impression on me.

My favorite LOWAs:
I was first introduced to Lowa via the Weisshorn. She is still my first love. But then I met the Latok. This boot was even better due to the external gaiter. But when LOWA came out with the Alpine Pro GTX, I had a boot that could almost do it all. The Alpine Pro GTX allowed me to carry heavy loads into climbs, snow, rock, and ice climb, and scramble 4th class terrain. It is, in my opinion, the most versatile footwear option LOWA offers for technical terrain in warmer temperatures.