Mountain athlete & adventure photographer
Obernburg, Germany
On the road all over the US! #vanlife

I’m a recovering strategy consultant and Harvard MBA turned full-time outdoorwoman.  My greatest passion is to push myself physically and mentally in the backcountry, in environments that push the limit of human ability without being terribly objectively dangerous - think non-technical high altitude peaks, steep big-wall rock climbs, and ultra-distance mountain trails. I also manage Aurora Women’s Expeditions which runs regular women’s trips to select high altitude peaks around the world.


  • Ouray 100 Mile Endurance Race 2018, first place women
  • Pfiffner Traverse (76 miles with 55,000ft of elevation change), overall unsupported speed record
  • Aconcagua 360 Route (65 miles with 33,000ft of elevation change), first woman to complete the route in a single push
  • Annapurna Circuit (136 miles with 66,000ft of elevation change), women’s speed record
  • Aconcagua Normal Route Basecamp-to-Summit (6 miles with ~9,000ft ascent), women’s speed record

Fun Fact:
I was a complete couch potato until my early twenties, and only started running trails because it seemed like an easy and cheap way to get fit. And I still really like hanging out on the couch during my off-season!

What are you looking forward to?
I look forward to continuing to challenge myself and push my limits in environments where I am not sure what to expect - like the South Pole! And to sharing many more summits and trails with Aurora Women’s Expeditions teams.

Tell us about an interesting trip/climb/expedition where you’ve taken your LOWAs:
I took my LOWA Maddox Los on a 32-day 685-mile thruhike of the Colorado Plateau in Utah, along a mostly cross-country route called the Hayduke Trail - what an amazing experience!

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