High altitude ski mountaineers, (US National Ski Hall of Fame, class of 2017), CPA’s
Aspen Colorado

Steve and I are identical twin brothers.  We started ski mountaineering at age 12, and over the past 30 years have organized and been on expeditions to about 50 peaks in the 5000 meter to 8000 meter peak arena. Between trips, we are both CPA’s and family guys; Steve has three kids and I have two.   We’ve never thought of ski mountaineering as a profession or anything other than our passion.  Seeing the world, and climbing and skiing the highest peaks has brought contrast in our lives with perspective.  In turn, that makes us appreciate everything else.


1990 - Ascent of Denali, North America’s highest peak (20,320 feet)

1991/1992 – Ski expeditions to Canada’s highest peak, Mt. Logan (19,551 feet)

1993 to 1996-Ski expeditions in Alaska to St. Elias, Mt. Bona, Mt. Blackburn, Mt. Donna (second ascent).

1997 - Attempt of Broad Peak, Pakistan, (26,414 feet) their first 8,000 meter peak expedition

2000 - First Americans to ski from 8,000 meters,  Shishapangma, Tibet  (26,273 feet)                   

2003 - First Americans to ski Mt. Everest’s North Ridge (25,175 feet)

2007 - First Americans, 5th people ever, with multiple ski descents from above 8,000 meters, Cho Oyu, Tibet, (26,795 feet).

2007 – Their second ski descent of Mt. Everest’s north ridge

2008 - First Americans, second people ever, to ski Bolivia’s highest peak, Sajama, (21,475 ft).

2009 – First Ever  ski descent of Tibet’s Norjin Kansang,  (23,642 ft). World leading 6th ski descent from above 7,000 meters.

2010 – First Ever ski descent of Peru’s Coropuna, Baraco Route, (21,079 ft).

2011 – First Americans, second people ever, to ski Ecuador’s highest peak, Chimborozo, (20,700 ft). (First and only single day speed ascent / descent)

2012 – First Americans, second ever, descent of Bolivia’s Illimani, (21,150 ft). (First and only single day speed ascent / descent).

2013/2014- Attempts at first ever winter ski descent from above 7,000 meters, Mustagh Atta, China. World record high winter ski, (19,000 ft).

2015- World record highest ski in winter, Himlung Himal, Nepal, (21,000 ft).

2018- First ever ski descent Ampato, Peru (20,600 ft).

2018- First ever ski descent Sabancya, Peru (19,600 ft).

2019- First ever ski descent Chumpe, Peru 6106 meters/20,033 feet.

2019- Wasatch Adventure Film Festival Recipients of the Mallory Lifetime Achievement Award.

Fun Fact:  
CPA Mike's idea of a "lunch break" is a fast hike with 3K elevation gain on Aspen Mountain.

What are we looking forward to: 
We are always looking forward the next adventure.  Currently, we are off to Bolivia for a couple of 6000 meter peak ski attempts.  But in general, what we really look forward to is hanging out during the summer in Aspen with family and friends.

What’s an interesting trip that you’ve taken in your LOWAs? 
2012  21,150 Illimani in Bolivia was a gem.  We climbed and skied the peak in a single push of 9,000 feet of climbing and skiing, a first single day climb and ski, and the second ski descent of the peak from the main summit.

Favorite LOWA?
Favorite LOWA product is every boot or shoe we’ve ever used! From casual shoes at the office to training / trail running, to approach, and full on climbing boots, LOWA has been a massive part of our success.  Footgear is without a close second the most important gear there is, and LOWA fits!

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