Max Seigal
Professional Photographer
Boulder, Colorado
Boulder, Colorado

I work as a professional photographer and spend most of my time on the road with National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions. When I'm not traveling for work, I spend my free time exploring big mountains around the world. My passions include rock climbing, paragliding, trail running and mountaineering, and often times I will try to combine disciplines on a single expedition to enhance the adventure. There is no greater feeling than summiting a big peak with a paraglider in my pack after a multi day expedition, and flying off the top to glide safely back to the ground in a matter of minutes!
Traveling to all seven continents for work, and bringing my paraglider along during each and every adventure

Fun Fact:
 I am terribly afraid of heights, even though my greatest passions all involve altitude in some sense or another (climbing, mountaineering, paragliding)
 While I've spent most of my career traveling the world and taking photos, I feel like I'm truly on vacation when I'm back home in Boulder
What are you looking forward to?
Paragliding is a relatively new sport for me (I started flying in early 2017) and I look forward to incorporate flying into a lot of my upcoming travels and exploring the world from an aerial vantage point

Tell us about an interesting trip/climb/expedition where you’ve taken your LOWAs
 After climbing Mardi Himal in Nepal and hoping to fly off after one night in the mountains, I was stuck in a huge storm for four days and spent most of that time sitting in the tent, developing a new respect for patience. The morning of the fifth day, the clouds parted and I launched first thing in the morning and had one of the most beautiful and peacefulsunrise  flights of my life.

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