Professional Speaker & Author
Concord, Massachusetts
Fort Collins, Colorado

I have enjoyed adventures from Alaska to Argentina, from Bolivia to Tibet. I like rock, ice, alpine and high-altitude climbing. Along with co-leading international expeditions, I’ve also taught hundreds of kids to climb indoors.

I was at Camp 1 on Mt. Everest when the massive 7.8 magnitude quake rocked Nepal in 2015. After escaping the mountain, I pitched in with recovery, and then raised funds for rebuilding Nepal. In 2017, I returned and summited Everest during a spectacular sunrise.

From my adventures and survival, I have distilled compelling stories and lessons in resilience which I now share as a professional speaker and author.


  • Hiking, climbing and skiing for 36 years
  • Worked as a hydrogeologist for 20 years
  • Commended twice by US National Park Service for volunteering on remote rescues
  • Barely survived bad climbing accident and lost his climbing partner on Mt. Rainer
  • Co-authored New York Times bestselling adventure memoir called The Ledge

Fun Fact:
Before climbing mountains for fun, I scaled high-voltage electrical towers for work. They painted 80 foot to 250 foot tall metal towers that supported live electrical lines carrying up to 230,000 volts. I did this work for Dad, and Mom was not happy!

What are you looking forward to?
I am looking forward to many close-to-home hiking and climbing adventures in our national parks and open spaces. Being out in nature rejuvenates the soul and keeps us resilient for life’s adventures.

What’s an interesting trip/climb/expedition where you’ve taken your LOWAs?
On my 66-day trip to Everest, I wore only LOWAs and never had a blister. From casuals and all terrain sport shoes, to trekking boots and 8,000 meter expedition boots, LOWAs got me to the top and home again!


Expedition 8000 Evo Rd
Latok XT
Zephyr GTX Mid
Aerox GTX Lo

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