Hans Kammerlander
Alpinist, ski guide

The nationally certified mountain and ski guide has for years belonged to the upper echelon of Alpinists. Hans Kammerlander has stood at the summit of 12 eight-thousanders of which he has climbed seven together with Reinhold Messner.

Exceptional performances have made him one of the peerless athletes of the mountaineering world. Those performances include for example the first double ascent in 1984 of two eight-thousanders (Hidden Peak at 8068 metres and Gasherbrum II at 8035 metres) without a return to base camp, as well as the first ski descent in 1996 from Mount Everest (8850 metres), the highest mountain in the world.

Perfect fit and high quality - When it comes to my LOWAs, these are features that I particularly value in addition to the functional details.
- Hans Kammerlander

Each year Hans Kammerlander presents numerous slide presentations all over Europe and has made a name for himself as an author. His books, such as "Abstieg zum Erfolg", or "Bergsüchtig", are available at your specialty retailer.

Hans Kammerlander successfully brought his summit project to a close in January 2012 after several years. Upon reaching the summit of Antarctica's 4,852-meter Mount Tyree on 17 January 2012 he became the first to climb the second highest peaks ("Seven Second Summits") on each of the seven continents. WIth that he became a part of Alpine history.

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