Photographer / Filmmaker / Mountain Athlete
Port Huron, Michigan
Bishop, California

I’m a professional photographer and filmmaker based in Mammoth Lakes, CA. I have spent the past decade dedicated to to documenting adventure and humanity in its rawest forms. My goal is to produce highly emotional and thought provoking photography and film to make a lasting impression on the viewer. With a deep-rooted love for the mountains and her people, my main priority is to create emotional documentaries that will change the way people view the world and help create an atmosphere of kindness and compassion. My work is trusted by by brands such as LOWA, Mercedes Benz, Outside Magazine, BBC, and the United Nations.

Fun Fact:
When I moved out West from a life as a musician and floral designer in Chicago, I was terrified of heights. Only after spending a year in the Eastern Sierra did I begin to explore the mountains and slowly embrace a life in the vertical world.

What are you looking forward to?
I am trying to balance a life of mountain athlete and adventure photographer / filmmaker. I hope to fly the length of the Himalaya via non-powered aircraft over the next couple of years.

What’s an interesting trip/climb/expedition where you’ve worn your LOWAs?
My first Himalayan expedition was to attempt to climb the North Face of Annapurna 1. I wore the Weisshorn GTX up to 6000m but had to later abort the climb due to a massive 7.8 earthquake that shattered the lives of millions of people in Nepal.

“Is it even possible to fly cross country via paragliders above the Arctic Circle?”

To find out, Cody Tuttle and Jeff Shapiro set off to hike and fly across Alaska's Brooks Range, one of the wildest areas left on earth. Check out their adventure here:

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