LOWA Field Ambassadors

Hikers, climbers, high altitude adventurers – real people with really interesting stories. We do not pay athletes to promote the LOWA brand. These outdoor enthusiasts discovered LOWA Boots on their own. They put our boots to the test in the most extreme and demanding conditions, later contacting us to say how thrilled they were with the performance. That's how their stories become part of the LOWA story. Click on a picture to meet some of LOWA's Field Ambassadors.


LOWA offers a professional discount for individuals who are employed full-time, earning a living in the outdoors. If you work for a gear or clothing supplier - or for an organization where you are on the field staff that guides or instructs others in outdoor skills, please email your request from your company or organization's email account, along with your job description to LOWA Customer Service. If approved, the appropriate form will be returned to you.

If you are active US military, or work on the field staff for the US Forest Service or a similar government agency please send your request on your government email account detailing what you do to LOWA Customer Service. If approved, the appropriate form will be returned to you.

Thank you for your interest in being a LOWA Ambassador, or Sponsored Athlete.

As a general rule, we do not accept applications or proposals for sponsorship.Our ambassadors are individuals who have used LOWA Boots & Shoes and told great stories or shown some level of support for the brand that we recognize and have then developed a relationship with. These individuals have a unique perspective as active users in the outdoors and thru their activities they convey that message as leaders, writers, photographers, speakers, competitors and so on. Once they become an ambassador, they also offer us great information about our boots & shoes and how they perform in the outdoors; about trends and things they are seeing and experiencing with their clients and make themselves available to help with some PR or events where they may have an expertise.

Ambassadors are also not compensated other than some expense reimbursement when they help us at an event.