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Suggested retail price: $ 230.00

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Renegade LL Mid - Leather Lined

LOWA’s best selling style has been updated with a glove leather lining for those who like a luxurious, close-to-the-foot fit and superb moisture wicking. Ideal for warm climate hiking. Nubuck upper is designed to closely wrap around the foot and is supported with a PU MONOWRAP® midsole and frame, full length stabilizer and VIBRAM® Evo sole.

  • UPPER: Nubuck Leather
  • LINING: Glove Leather
  • FOOTBED: Balance Comfort
  • STABILIZER: Full-length, Medium
  • WEIGHT: 1480 grams



Reviewed by Rakkasan
on 03/02/2013
This is the most comfortable hiking boot I've ever had. Since I'm in hot weather most of the time, I chose the leather lined version. The surprisingly high quality leather lining is soft and supple and breathes really well.

The soles are the perfect combination of flexible but supportive and the outer nu-buck is top notch. These boots will conform to your feet very quickly. The tongue and lacing system are also top quality.

Though they're not GoreTex, I've had these boots in the snow in Afghanistan and the water has never leaked through. Your results may vary. :-)

If I could only have one pair of hiking boots to do everything, I would chose the Renegade Leather Lined.
Reviewed by weltanschuuang
on 01/20/2014
A great pair of boots, don't let anything I write later dissuade you. But the leather lining only goes halfway to the toebed. I didn't realize this until I was home from the store: I wore them all day and by the end of the day my toes were sore -- no leather in the toebox! I think that's a cheap thing to do...maybe necessary to keep the price at $220. Otherwise, these boots would get perfect 5 stars.

I kept the boots because they are the best I've found. As the other reviewer noted, these are the only boots for desert hikers. If someone can finally make boots like they used to be -- leather interior directly on leather exterior, I will buy those instead!
Reviewed by Nik.A_YYC
on 04/05/2014
I purchase these boots two years ago while on vacation in Phoenix, Az and they have been my daily wear ever since! I live in Calgary, AB and they work fine in the summer and in the winter. I realize I could have bought the GTX version of the Renegade, but the Leather Lined are fabulously comfortable and I rarely have to change into a "warmer" boot when it's a deep freeze outside. I love this boot so much I purchased a second pair, before my first pair wear out, but they are so durable my two year old boots are not anywhere close to being retired and they have lots of miles on them! Thank you Lowa...

The Award-Winning LOWA RENEGADE: Phenomenally comfortable, supportive and cushioned.

Think of our glove leather linings as ‘natural air conditioning for your feet.’ These special leathers are highly breathable and exceptionally comfortable, molding to the unique contours of your feet. Download our brochure to learn more.
(Note: 1MB pdf file, bilingual: German and English.)