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Suggested retail price: $ 230.00

Renegade GTX® Mid WS

LOWA’s best selling style brings acclaimed trekking comfort fit to a multifunction construction using injected PU technology, MONOWRAP® frame construction for stability and underfoot comfort. Full length stabilizer and VIBRAM® Evo sole for sure-footed traction. Waterproof/breathable. Made on a women’s-specific last.

“Your LOWA Renegades will provide you with years of comfortable service. When you finally do have to trade them in for a new pair, you will do so with regret.” – OutdoorHub, Best Gifts to Give

  • UPPER: Nubuck Leather
  • FOOTBED: Climate Control
  • STABILIZER: Full-length, Stiff
  • WEIGHT: 890 grams



"Editor's Choice is the LOWA Women's Renegade GTX®. With all the features you'd expect from the best women's boot, we couldn't help but jump around!" - Outdoor Gear Lab


Reviewed by Drie
on 03/17/2013
Fat-footed woman rejoice! Recently, I had to admit that my beloved Merrells were done for and went in search of another hiking boot. Not surprisingly, there are few hiking boots for woman out there in Wide widths but nothing else would do for my hobbit feet. Since there were no Lowa distributors in my area, I had to send for these, which compounded my relief that what I have found are boots that are very well constructed, very sturdy, with a roomy toe box. They adapt will to my heaviest hiking socks and my lightest; I have hiked in them several times already, and the breaking in process has been fairly easy. They have provided good ankle support on rough terrian but are not so stiff that you can't feel the contours of the landscape under your feet. My only point of criticism is that they could have better arch support.
Reviewed by Anna
on 04/26/2013
My favourite piece of equipment ever. Lasted 6 years (using them at least 10 days/ month) through French mountains, Mexico deserts, Cambodia dust and swamps, Thailand dirtbikes trails adventures and then Australian rocks. It saved my anckles a thousand of times..!! Just lovin it.
Reviewed by Tiffany_S
on 05/31/2013
These are excellent waterproof boots that are extremely durable. I've had my pair for a long time and they are still going strong. The sole will wear out before the boot does. I wish they were available at more locations though.
Reviewed by smokies hiker
on 12/14/2013
First, Lowa, thank you for making women's wide boots.
But can they be a smidgen wider?

I hike many miles most weeks. I ordered these after more than wearing out my last pair of Montrail women's wide width hiking boots, which are no longer made. There are very few wide width women's boots and I had high hopes for these given Lowe's reputation. I'm happy with the construction and the soles, and for that I'd give them 5 stars.

However I'm not so happy with the sole bed and last. First, it's narrower than my old boots, so that once again I am developing first deep blisters and then callouses in a line from outside the ball of my foot up my big toe. Secondly- is there really a reason to design a hiking boot last where the toe is narrowed? Why not allow the big toe to have the space for a normal straight ahead position? This slightly pointed toe shape puts tension on the ball joint and does not allow normal position. I'm still waiting for a good wide width and non narrow toed last to replace my old boots. Lowa, I'm waiting!
Reviewed by mrsjdixon
on 02/08/2014
I'd never done serious hiking before, but I promised my husband I'd do Kilimanjaro with him when we moved to Africa. Fast-forward 4 months, I'm up the mountain having worn those boots only once before, and... no pain, no blisters, no rubbing, nothing.They dried fast, kept me warm and comfortable. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a great pair of hiking boots that'll last in spite of horrible conditions.
Reviewed by Nancy
on 03/07/2014
While I normally don't buy hiking boots online, after spending some time with a magnifier to determine the size of my old Renegade boots, I decided to try it. I was so happy to get my new Renegade boots, putting them on was like saying hello to an old friend. The fit was just the same and I have worn them everyday since with extreme comfort. We live in rocky, hilly country and I am walking / hiking with my dog every day. I ordered the dark grey / navy this time, and if hiking boots could be considered sexy - these are. The color goes with everything! I am very happy with my new boots!
Reviewed by cynmoon
on 11/27/2014
Best boot/shoe I've ever worn. This is my 2nd pair of Lowas ... the first took me 3 weeks thru the Andes 11 years ago. I bought these for Costa Rica trekking.
Reviewed by Misha
on 02/04/2015
As a meter reader for a gas company in Austin, I walk from 10 to 15 miles a day, 5 days a week. I have tried a lot of different shoes, and never had a shoe that lasted more than 6 weeks. Plus I always had blisters and joint pain. But then I went to REI and got a pair of the Lowa Renegade GTX boots, and was blown away by their performance, fit, and durability. One pair lasted me about 5 months, I've never had blisters, my joint pain went away, and while sometimes my socks will get a bit damp if it is especially damp, these do an awesome job at keeping water out.

I highly recommend these shoes, especially if you are walking or hiking for long distances. They are worth every penny!!!