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Buzz: LOWA in the News

News, reviews and performance field tests of LOWA Footwear.

“The Renegade GTX ICE: The sole unit is embedded with ice-biting fibers that afforded us solid grip on the slickest black ice. - Outside Magazine Buyer’s Guide

"Comfortable right out of the box, our testers found the Renegade GTX to be a perfect mix between form and function: easy on the feet, confidence inspiring on uneven terrain, and hard to bust." - Alaska Magazine

" The LOWA Ranger II GTX - Handcrafted for Torture: Even after 45 miles of trails and calf-burning vertical climbs, my feet were well-protected and blister free." – Guns & Ammo Magazine

“"The LOWA Focus Trekking Shoe: I really dig these!" - Robonza

"The LOWA Innox changed my life. I've never felt anything less than pure comfort..." - Wanderlust & Lipstick

LOWA X-Boulder: Holy Crap! If there were a dime glued to a wall, I could edge on that! I've never felt edging power like this before!" - Climbing Magazine

“The LOWA Innox GTX®: "This boot eats up big miles, no matter how heavy your pack!" – Backpacker Magazine

Lowa Elite Desert: Impeccable performance in all temperatures and all types of terrain. Different lug patterns are specially designed for each outdoor activity – from day hikes and backpacking, to vertical rock and ice.” - Loadout Magazine

“My LOWA Ferrox were the only shoes I needed!" - Bucket List Publications

"I took the LOWA Ranger II on a six-day, 45-mile backpacking trip through some of the harshest territory in the Lower 48 and came back glowing..." - Game & Fish Magazine

"You simply cannot go wrong with the LOWA Renegade..." - Woods Monkey

"I was grateful to have my LOWA GORGON GTX® sneakers - never took them off unless I was in bed or in the shower..." - Bucket List Publications

"The LOWA INNOX GTX® delivers exceptional stability and an ultra comfy ride..." - PC SkiGal

“I brought my LOWA Ferrox GTX lightweight trail shoe and didn’t need anything else for the entire trip. They are ultra lightweight, comfortable, and have a super stable trail platform. Both waterproof and breathable, they never left my feet until it was time for bed.” - Bucket List Publications

“The LOWA Tempest Vent: a great hiking shoe with some nice features. Constructed well, made with care, comfortable right out of the box.” – Practical Travel Gear

“For those of us who like to mix a little adventure into their travels but aren’t hard-core hikers, shoes like the LOWA Ferrox GTX are a great bet. Lightweight, supportive, and waterproof, they can be used on muddy trails but still work for schlepping around on cobblestones and sidewalks. – Practical Travel Gear

Lowa Tibet GTX: provides the support you need and are built to last season after season in brutal terrain. The locking lace loops ensure that your boots won't come loose at an inopportune moment.” – NRA Sharp Magazine

“The LOWA Z-8S GTX is worth every penny, I highly recommend them!” - Loadout Magazine

“The LOWA Z-6S GTX: Warm, waterproof, slip resistant. I cannot say one negative thing about these boots. They are fantastic!” - Tactical Edge Magazine

“An investment in the LOWA Uplander GTX is an investment in your comfort, your performance and ultimately your success.” – USA Today

"The LOWA Renegade GTX: I love these boots!" - AZ Wanderings

"The LOWA Renegade GTX® Mid: I've never worn a more comfortable boot..." - Field & Stream Magazine

"The LOWA Ferrox GTX®: Sturdy soles, great traction...Trailblazer girl has some happy feet!" - Trail Blazer Girl

"The LOWA Tempest Lo: Meet the hiking shoe for the perfect summer day! We didn't want to take it off.." - Elevation Outdoors Magazine

"The LOWA Innox GTX® Lo: easily overcame on-trail challenges where other boots had failed.." - Active Junky

"The LOWA Weisshorn GTX®: Excellent, overall boot, especially for technical alpine.." - Trailspace Gear Reviews

"The LOWA Mauria GTX®: Some reviews need to be shouted from the mountain tops. I love these boots..." - Examiner.com

"The LOWA Renegade LL Mid: No blisters, no problems... Think of these boots as your all-terrain trail companions." - Action Hub

"The LOWA Hudson GTX®: Best backpacking boots of 2014..." - Gear Patrol

"The LOWA Ferrox GTX®: Super stable trail platform, the pair of shoes that let me do it all..." - Bucket List Publications

"The LOWA Hudson LL Mid: Most comfortable of all boots tested...Handsome enough to do double duty out on the town..." - GearJunkie.com

"The LOWA Ferrox GTX® Lo: Still comfortable after 8 hours of bopping around town on the uneven sidewalks of Mexico..." - Practical Travel Gear

"The LOWA Weisshorn GTX®: Rugged, sturdy, the articulating ankle is just what your feet are asking for in the mountains..." - Climberism.com

"The LOWA Renegade GTX® Lo: Summer, 2014, Peak Gear Award winner, a comfortable super-duty hiker..." - Elevation Outdoors Magazine

"The LOWA Red Eagle Lace: Impressive fit and exceptional performance..." - GearInstitute.com

"The LOWA Ticam GTX®: I'm happy to rank this boot as one of my favorites. The fit and comfort is exceptional..." - HuntingLife.com

"The LOWA Camino LL Flex: Capable support and protection for heavy loads, in rough territory..." - GearInstitute.com

"The LOWA Cevedale Pro GTX®: The most supportive boot we tested. Takes the sting out of 70-pound loads and steep, rocky slopes." - Backpacker Magazine Buyer's Guide

"The LOWA Red Eagle Rock Climbing Shoe: I love these! Their edging power is unbeatable!" - Climbing Magazine Editor's Choice Awards

"The LOWA Falco Lace: A solid edging shoe, with great balance between softness and support..." - GearInstitute.com

"The LOWA Bighorn Hunter receives 5 stars, for having the best overall performance, in our field test." - Field & Stream Magazine

"The LOWA Renegade wins: these hikers stayed comfortable and supportive even after they took a beating on the trail.." - Elevation Outdoors Magazine Peak Gear Awards

"Sports of the future? For the first time, ever, mixed climbing will be showcased in a special demo at the SOCHI 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Ice climbing meets rock climbing, with a pair of LOWA Ice Comps." - Men's Book

""The LOWA Camino LL Flex: These boots deliver..." - Gear Institute Field Test

"The LOWA Focus GTX Lo: We REALLY like these boots." - Four Wheeler Network

"LOWA TIBET GTX® HI: Lowa has deservedly captured our Editor’s Choice award. These German-made boots have outstanding qualities. You’ll find supportive, enduring comfort on unforgiving ground." - Outdoor Life Magazine, Best Hunting Boot Award

"LOWA TIBET GTX® HI: The best hunting boot of 2013. Ideal for long hikes, in steep terrain. These boots provided outstanding comfort." - Field and Stream Magazine, Best of the Best Award

"Field testers who ventured off the beaten path called the LOWA Focus GTX® ideal for hikers in technical terrain, where precise footing is a must." - Backpacker Magazine Field Test

"When it comes to solid footfalls and steep, scree-heavy descents, the LOWA Mauria GTX® has your back -- and your ankles. A solid backcountry boot." - Outside Bozeman, 2013

"I highly recommend the Lowa Renegade GTX® hikers. Comfortable and not requiring any break-in from the first time I put them on, these boots are my 'go-to' footwear." - Womens' Outdoor News

"LOWA Sirkos GTX®: Tough and stable to help prevent sprained ankles. Your feet will be happy." - Diane Magazine

"The LOWA S-Cloud GTX® is a top-of-the-line shoe that incorporates several desirable features for the serious hiker." - Action Hub

"LOWA Zephyr GTX® Mid: A good choice for the hiker who is putting on miles and wants plenty of ankle support." - Trailer Life Magazine

"I feel really fortunate to have found the LOWA Tibet GTX® I have quite a few miles on them, and they continue to impress me more each time that I use them." - Sole Adventure

"Keep your feet and back comfortable with LOWA's S-Cloud GTX®." - Gunweek Magazine

"LOWA Zephyr GTX®: I can hike, drive, run (not marathons, they are boots) and go to dinner in the same shoe. Get 'em. Try 'em." - Jeep Freak Magazine

"The LOWA Tibet GTX®: For intensive hikes and expeditions, there's no better" - Men's Journal Magazine, Gear Lab

"LOWA Renegade GTX® Lo: With the sturdy tread, overall boot-like construction, they offer that same level of sure-footedness, without the weight. Definitely happy with these." - Go Nomad recommended footwear

"LOWA Khumbu GTX®: I don't usually get this personal with gear we test, but I have to say thank you to LOWA. Never before have I been able to fully credit a pair of boots for being able to get me through a hike, but now I can." - Upadowna gear review

"The LOWA Bighorn Hunter GTX®: advanced traction on wet rock, snow and ice." - Eastman's Hunting Magazine

"The Lowa Tibet LL WS has proven itself on the toughest treks all over the world. Built on an exclusive, LOWA women's last for optimal fit and comfort. Ideal for carrying heavy (50+ lbs.) packs in rugged terrain and extreme weather conditions." - Open Air Life

"I’d have no qualms attempting any of the east’s 'big mountains' in the Lowa Mountain Experts. They’ve comfortably done everything I’ve asked and seem entirely capable of doing even more. That’s my definition of a great boot." - Eastern Slopes

"Increase both your comfort and your time away from the hustle and bustle of city life when you break ground with the LOWA S-Cloud GTX®." - Gumption Gear

"If a backpacking boot and a hiking shoe got together their offspring would be the LOWA Focus GTX® LO hiking shoe. It is a nice blend of backpacking support and low hiker versatility. - Gear.com

"LOWA's Desert Uplander does well when we want to move fast. The phenomenal ankle support also helped on those crawls up the mountain." - Sniper Magazine

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